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Since established in 1980, our company adopts the latest technology to study the industry of duck feeding. At present, our company is the pioneer in this industry, it has its own feed mill plant, hatching plant, breeding duck farm, stock farm, slaughtering house and food processing factory.

This feed mill factory is located at the industrial zone in Butterworth , Penang. This factory is equipped with computer controlled and automated system to ensure the hygienic standard is up to international level. All products are compounded using scientific methods. The feed mill factory produces 300 tonnes of duck feed daily to supply the markets locally and abroad.

Besides that, the hatching factory and duck breeding plant with high standard of hygienic facilities is also situated in Butterworth. Using the latest technology and efficient systems, the plant is capable to produce 7 millions ducklings per year. In order to produce high quality duckling, Perak Duck Food Industries imports good breed of Cherry Valley duck from England every year.

Our company has more than 40 stock farms over the Perak state in Malaysia covering thousand hectare of land with millions of ducks. All of the farms are located at countryside that is free from urban pollution. Nevertheless, these farms are supplied with sufficient clean water, fresh air, and electricity for its operations. The grown up ducks from the farms are mostly exported to Singapore and supplied to the slaughtering house of Perak Duck Food Industries Sdn Bhd.

As part of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system implementation, the slaughtering and food processing factory is located in Taiping of the Perak state, which is far away from the stock farms. The factory is fully air-conditioned, adopting the latest operation and quick-freeze system to ensure the freshness of the products. The quality assurance is strictly controlled and monitored. Hygienic standard of the factory conforms to international level. In addition, the operations are certified to ISO9002 international standard. All products of the factory are certified “HALAL” by the Islamic Development Department of Malaysia. Our products are exported to Dubai, Indonesia, China, Brunei & others countries.


“Quality Duck for Everyone”
TCH is focusing on two of the most important things in business that is Quality and Customer. It clearly declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard. By holding strong to this statement, it has become part of our corporate culture. From Feed, Breed, Farm, and Food; TCH will make sure that the best quality and service will be continuously delivered to everyone.


  • To strengthen our position as one of the most leading farm in the industry.
  • To maximize the value of Stakeholder.
  • To maintain and building mutual benefit with all partnership.
  • To maintain a competitive advantage.